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Le Saint Estève - Mathias DANDINE

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Michelin-star restaurant in Aix-en-Provence. Seasonal cuisine that combines tradition and modernity.

Seasonal cuisine that combines tradition and modernity
Mathias Dandine brings a breath of fresh air to the traditional dishes of southern France. Thus, whilst preserving its original ingredients, bouillabaisse “borgne” (with no fish) adopts its Michelin-star dimension: the crouton becomes a long golden tartine that is accompanied by a rouille sauce served with a spoon. A true delight.

The Chef remains loyal to his roots by reinventing his dishes according to the seasons. He enhances traditional dishes with his own personal touch that is so recognisable.

In the spring, the first green asparagus is served simply with a mousseline sauce, but the "truffle" touch and the delicious combination of the fresh brousse cheese transforms the initial simplicity.

In the summer, Pan Bagnat "as in Nice" with Palamos prawns is coated with a gently reduced anchovy sauce: the "Bagna Cauda" (hot bath).

In the autumn, Tarbouriech oysters in a seawater jelly remind us of long summer days at the beach. Scallops are deliciously accompanied by kohrabi and chestnut filled ravioli, seasoning and pickled lemons.

When winter comes, the Hunters Pithivier pie with partridge or pheasant is served according to tradition (cabbage, truffle and foie gras) and cooked the whole night.

The Chef's dishes are festive and marked by the arrival of products which he likes to turn into events.

In January, for the Truffle Market, Mathias Dandine welcomes his Chef friends for a weekend devoted to black truffles. All the chefs take part in a demonstration-tasting experience and centre stage is given to improvised Chef duos.

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Le Saint Estève Chef Mathias Dandine

Chef: Mathias Dandine

"The Michelin star was awarded in February 2014, barely a few months after opening.In the kitchens, Mathias Dandine relies on his instincts. Here, there are no ready-made recipes, the Chef draws inspiration from the tastes and colours which the region offers every day.
This gives rise to a spontaneous menu dictated by the seasons and his inspiration."

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2250 ROUTE CÉZANNE - 13100 Le Tholonet

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