Why Provence Holidays?

Our selection process

Our clients are unique, as are your properties.

They come to us seeking an unforgettable luxury holiday experience in Provence, an inspiring location that will make them feel both at home but also immerse them in the beauty that makes the experience so special, the magic of your property, a unique and extraordinary place.

A farmhouse, a contemporary home, an old village stone house, a mill, a castle... every single category of property is covered in our collection. We offer a unique luxury portfolio of hand-picked properties which contain that extra something that is so inspiring and important to us.

Trust, the heart of our relationship

Provence, luxury holiday homes, interior design, magical locations and amazing experiences are our DNA.

But what we love most are the links that we forge with our property owners and guests, for whom we offer a tailor-made first class service, flexible and far beyond their expectations. Mutual trust is the basis of our relationships and enables us to grow together.

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Create the best experience

We take the time to showcase your property to its full potential. The initial visit, analysis, photography, presentation, services and exchanges with you allow us to get to know your property inside and out. Our goal is to match your property with the guests who will best enjoy a luxury holiday in your holiday home.

In marketing, a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why our professional photographers come to capture the light and take the most beautiful pictures of your property. Sometimes, however, even the most extraordinary photos are not enough to demonstrate the beauty of a location. For these special cases, when we want to showcase your property in all its splendour and show why we are proud it is in our portfolio, our professional videographers will also make a short film of your property. This, as well as the web-marketing carried out on our website, is a cost that we undertake to rent your property.

We endeavour to match your property to its guests as well as possible in order to create the best experience and a successful rental for all. A member of our team is always nearby to make sure everything is going well and to offer that personal touch that we all appreciate so much.

Our investment is based on our desire to create real long-term partnerships with you, our owners, and we are always looking for creative ideas to further improve the experience for both you and our guests.

Our creativity, communications and efforts have always resulted in our success.

Why work with Provence Holidays?

With over 1200 bookings in 2023, we are experts in everything Provence. Our portfolio of more than 400 hand-picked unique properties gives Provence Holidays the largest selection of luxury holiday rentals in the region.

All of our guests benefit from a personal concierge service; once the booking is confirmed, your client's dedicated concierge will get in touch with them to arrange memorable activities and gastronomic experiences.

With two local agencies, our friendly team of Provence experts are on site and available to help during your client's stay.

Our award-winning website has been specifically designed to be as user-friendly as possible! In English, French, Dutch and German, our website ensures that clients from around the world can browse and select properties with ease.

What is the process?

Partner with Provence Holidays

Whether you hear about us from a friend, visit one of our agencies, find us online or we get in touch with you, the beginning of your partnership with Provence Holidays is such an exciting time. We call or email you to learn more about what makes your property unique before arranging a visit with the company’s founder, Simon Richards.

We visit your property

We meet you, or your Welcome Manager, at your property to complete the property listing information and offer our unique insight into how your property will fit into our portfolio. We use our expertise to offer price valuations, based on real market data, that maximise the profitability of your property as a holiday rental. If you are brand new to the rental market, we can put you in touch with our network of Welcome Managers and housekeepers who have years of experience caring for luxury homes.

We provide legal and tax advice

We are always available to offer trusted advice on the legal and tax aspects of renting out your home in France. If you have any questions about how to declare stay tax, how to declare your rental income through a property management company or anything else, we are happy to share our expertise.

We offer a professional photoshoot free of charge

We arrange for your property to have a professional photoshoot so that we can capture its most beautiful features and share them with our clients. A member of the Provence Holidays team will stage your home for the photoshoot and ensure that it is all tidied away afterwards.

… and a professional videoshoot

When a photoshoot simply isn’t enough, we also offer a videoshoot with drone footage that takes your home’s advertisement to the next level! In our many years of experience, we have found that a professional video is the closest way to replicate the feeling of wonder and delight when you step into your holiday home.

We build your listing on our website

We write detailed, informative and accurate website descriptions (in English, French, Dutch and German) that highlight all of the important features and not-to-miss quirks your property has to offer. Our dedicated marketing team also create stylish digital magazines which spotlight our favourite properties to VIP clients. At Provence Holidays, we create all of your property’s marketing materials completely free of charge.

Welcome to Provence Holidays!

Congratulations! Your property now features in our luxury portfolio! One of our dedicated Property Agents will send you a link to view your property listing on our website. We always welcome feedback from property owners and are happy to hear your thoughts on how we can improve.

We market and rent your property

It won’t be too long before our trusted holiday advisors match your luxury home with the unique tastes of one of our thousands of international clients.

We offer personalised concierge services to our clients

Our helpful concierge team are ready and raring to assist clients in making their dream holiday a reality. From private chefs to private jets, we offer a multitude of services to create memorable experiences and unforgettable stays in Provence.

We prepare the client for their arrival

After they have paid their balance in full, our clients receive a personalised Welcome Pack featuring the property address, GPS coordinates, Welcome Manager contact details and regional maps which are useful during their stay. Three weeks before arrival, our clients also pay their damage deposit via our third-party software which uses state-of-the-art credit card authorisations to protect the deposit for both the client and property owner.

Property management

Provence Holidays work with a large network of professional housekeepers, cleaning teams and laundry services and are always happy to share our connections with you.


A Welcome Manager will greet the clients on arrival. After receiving the keys and a tour of their holiday rental, our clients are made aware of any relevant house rules to ensure your property remains properly cared for during their stay. Before the clients reach the property, the Welcome Manager always takes photos of the interior and exterior to prevent any damage claim issues in the future.

Available every day

Both our agencies are open every day throughout the summer and our on-the-ground team of holiday experts are available seven days a week to ensure our clients have the best possible experience in Provence. From recommending our favourite vineyards to tracking down lost suitcases, we always go the extra mile to put a smile on our guests’ faces.


After an unforgettable holiday in Provence, our clients are sad to leave their holiday rental behind. They hand the keys over to the person in charge of the property. Together, they take a tour of the house to note any damage that needs to be reported. If no problems are found, the deposit is quickly released. A few days after their departure, our customers receive a call to collect their comments on their stay.

Peace of Mind

Every member of the Provence Holidays team does their best to ensure that our clients have an amazing and memorable holiday in your property and that we maximise your rental income. With the largest portfolio of luxury properties in Provence, your holiday rental will be safe in our hands.

Tell us about your property

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