Provence Holidays
Mouriès - 1

Mouriès, Alpilles

A small picturesque village located at the heart of the Alpilles surrounded by hills, olive groves and vineyards. There is a strong tradition for olive oil production; the largest production in France with over 80 000 olive trees. They have many different varieties of olives; Aglandau, Verdale, Grossane, Salonenque to name a few and benefit from one of the very few olive oil AOC’s “Les Baux de Provence”.

What makes this Village special

If you are around during the olive harvest (November and December), you can visit one of the many mills in action and see how the famous olive oil is made. There were 11 mills in Mouriès but only 3 are in operation now and you can visit them all year-round. There is also the Aïoli festival here where they prepare a giant aioli in the village centre. Things to see : Caisses de Jean-Jean archaeological site, Saint Jacques Church, old houses dating back from 16th century, the bull ring, the olive mills and there are several walking trails (route des vins, route de l’olivier…)

The markets of Mouriès

  • Marché de Mouriès : Wednesday 08:00 › 13:00
  • Marché Potier de Mouries : Wednesday 17:00 › 23:00