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Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Alpilles

Welcome to the capital of the Alpilles and one of the oldest villages in France! About twenty kilometers from Avignon, Saint-Rémy is an elegant little town that has been the centre of art and culture in the region for centuries.

What makes this town special?

At the heart of the Alpilles Regional Natural Park, Saint-Rémy, first called Glanum, was created in 500 BC. As a Roman city, it was destroyed during the barbarian invasions, but it experienced considerable growth in the Middle Ages. Surrounded by ramparts, it acquired several private mansions in the Renaissance. In the 19th century, the city attracted many artists, the most famous undoubtedly being Vincent Van Gogh who stayed there in 1889-1890; fascinated by light and landscapes, he painted 150 canvases in Provence.

As soon as you enter Saint-Rémy, you cannot help but feel enchanted by the shady boulevards in the heart of the historic centre and by the squares adorned with charming fountains. The town is brimming with historic estates, convents, chapels, boutiques and art galleries, but also restaurants and cafés whose terraces invite you to come in and relax.

In summer, Saint-Rémy is home to two lively and colourful markets on the Place de la République and in part of the town centre: the Wednesday morning market offers a whole range of Provençal products, whilst the Saturday market is mainly food.

Finally, in summer, the city organises a number of events such as the Jazz under the stars festival, the Antiques of Glanum, an authentic feria and a major opera festival (Organa Festival) which brings together the greatest organists worldwide.

Places not to be missed on holiday in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France

The archaeological site of Glanum, with its Roman monuments, is a must see! Located to the south of the village in the direction of Les Baux-de-Provence, you can visit the large thermal baths, the long residential avenue, the temple and the natural spring of a Gallo-Roman city from 30 BC, a triumphal arch and a mausoleum.

A visit to the Saint-Pierre-de-Mausole monastery is the best place to learn more about the short and intense period of Vincent Van Gogh's life that was spent in Saint-Rémy. This pychiatric asylum, known today as the “Maison de Santé Saint-Paul”, is where the artist stayed shortly before his death and painted numerous canvases. From the monastery, you will find a hiking trail that is illustrated with 21 paintings by Van Gogh to take you through his universe to the Estrine museum. This 18th-century building has been devoted to the life and work of Van Gogh and also has a collection dedicated to painting and graphic arts from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Places to visit on holiday from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France

You are in the heart of the Alpilles, a paradise for avid walkers and nature lovers, with its many beautiful hikes around the olive groves and the vineyards. Admire the sublime landscapes of Provence with a walk to Lake Peïroou.

Literature lovers will not miss the Frédéric Mistral Museum, in Maillane, a few kilometers from Saint-Rémy. This famous Provençal poet, who was also a lexicographer and Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1904, had this house built in 1876, the year of his marriage, and lived there until his death. Workspace and place of literary meetings, the house has been an important place for the protection and dissemination of the Provençal language. Frédéric Mistral leaves behind the famous 19th-century French-Occitan dictionary Lou Tresor d'óu Felibrige (the Treasure of Félibrige).

Finally, do not miss Les Baux-de-Provence, with its Medieval castle, view of the Camargue and its unmissable Carrières de Lumières, a unique and immersive art experience! Nearby, you can also visit Avignon and its Palace of the Popes, Arles and its ancient remains as well as the villages of Fontvieille, Eygalières, Maussane and Mouriès.


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