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Avignon, Near Avignon

The magnificent, ancient town of Avignon, France, is simply beautiful. There are fantastic attractions everywhere in Avignon. Avignon heart of Provence, the wonderful papal city, the historical city center and the breath-taking papal palace. You shouldn't visit the Vaucluse without a visit to Avignon ...

What makes this Village special

There are so many things too see and do in Avignon that you would need to spend several weeks staying in Avignon  to see everything, but a week in a holiday rental villa holiday allows you plenty of time to see the monuments and attractions. UNESCO have nominated the town as a World Heritage Site, and wandering through the ancient, fortified, covered streets you can easily see why. Throughout the town, a range of museums tell parts of Avignon’s history, which dates back to the 5th century. Some of the best attractions include the Palais des Papes, the Place de l’Horloge and the much photographed Pont d’Avignon. Despite the town’s ancient appearance, it has a very youthful atmosphere, always awash with music, art and activity of various kinds, especially during the Avignon Festival (Festival d’Avignon) throughout the month of July annually. The festival first ran in 1947 to celebrate dance, music and theatre, with events springing up all across the town, in the streets and at famous historical locations throughout Avignon. There are a number of excellent walks you can take from an Avignon villa, mainly heading out towards the Alpilles, a small mountain range whose foothills are covered in olive and almond plantations giving them a much needed splash of colour during spring and summer. Due to the town’s location, Avignon wine tours and guided visits of the town are hugely popular with visitors, and there are many fantastic vineyards from which to take a wine tour. Throughout the town, restaurants and cafes offer glasses of the best local produce.

The markets of Avignon

  • Marché de Montfavet - Avignon : Tuesday, Friday 08:00 › 13:00
  • Marché de Monclar - Avignon : Tuesday, Friday 08:00 › 13:00
  • Marché d'Avignon : Wednesday 08:00 › 13:00
  • Marché d'Avignon : Thursday 08:00 › 13:00
  • Marché de Pont des Deux Eaux - Avignon : Friday 08:00 › 13:00
  • Marché d'Avignon : Saturday 08:00 › 13:00
  • Marché aux puces d'Avignon : Sunday 06:00 › 13:00
  • Marché à la brocante d'Avignon : Tuesday, Thursday 07:00 › 16:00
  • Marché de Avignon : Tuesday 08:00 › 13:00
  • Marché aux fleurs - Avignon : Saturday 08:00 › 13:00
  • Marché de Avignon : Sunday 08:00 › 13:00
  • Marché aux livres - Avignon : Saturday 08:00 › 13:00
  • Marché Potier d'Avignon : Sunday 08:00 › 13:00