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Joucas Joucas - 1552
Joucas Joucas - 1553
Joucas Joucas - 1554

Joucas, Luberon

The Provence Village of Joucas is located in the Luberon in the heart of Provence in the South of France.

What makes this village special?

Visiting Joucas in summer is an excellent idea as visitors will get to hike through the Plateau de Vaucluse. This peaceful yet fascinating walk will bring hikers to the beautiful, unspoilt village of Murs as well as other interesting sites. Another trail to the south-west of Joucas leads visitors to the Grandes Randonees.. It also takes travellers through the magnificent old village of Gordes that offers stunning countryside views. France is the home of classy cuisine and in Joucas visitors will find a number of cafes and restaurants that will give their palates a pleasant surprise. In the village itself there are few features of note, one of which is the ancient olive oil mill which has been converted into a museum. However, one of the most beautiful villages in the country, Roussillon, lies a short distance from Joucas and visitors would do well to drive there. Apart from its many beautifully constructed buildings, there is also plenty of history embodied in this village since its occupation by the Romans. The hidden squares and narrow streets make for splendid photography, as do the radiant colours that appear when the rising sun shines on the houses. Also not far from Joucas is another one of the villages that set France apart; Lacoste. This is the home of a magnificent castle that was the home of the infamous Marquis de Sade.


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