Each season in Provence is entirely unique

Today we will take you through Provence as it transitions through the four seasons. Each season in Provence offers something new and exciting and it is our goal today to guide you through the mild and colourful spring, the vibrant and lively summer, the warm and intimate autumn, and the festive and cosy winter. Discover the average temperatures, unique activities, and popular local traditions that make Provence a year-round destination.

Spring in Provence

In Provencal spring the days are getting longer, the temperatures are quite mild and nature is decked out in a thousand colours. It is the ideal time to discover the most emblematic sites, to taste the specialities and to immerse yourself in Provencal culture thanks to the popular festivals and traditions that are still very much alive.

Average temperatures in spring

March: 8-15°C
April: 10-18°C
May: 14-23°C

Unique springtime activity in Provence

Spring is the perfect time to embark on a truffle-hunting adventure in the Luberon region. Guided by experienced truffle hunters and their dogs, visitors can explore the countryside, learn about the elusive black truffle, and even participate in a traditional Provencal truffle lunch. This hands-on experience offers a deep dive into the region’s culinary heritage and a taste of its luxurious offerings. Of course it goes without saying, it helps if you are a truffle fan to enjoy this experience.

Popular activities

In spring, locals and visitors of Provence enjoy the bustling markets in Aix-en-Provence and Avignon, filled with fresh produce and local crafts. It is the perfect time of year to take time to explore the blooming lavender fields and almond blossoms in the countryside. The annual Easter festivals and parades are a highlight, bringing villages to life with music, dance, and traditional costumes.

spring lavender provence

Summer in Provence

Summer in Provence is vibrant and full of life. The sound of cicadas fills the air, and swimming pools and waterways provide refreshing escapes on hot days. The region comes alive with festivals of theatre, music, and village celebrations, offering endless entertainment for visitors and locals alike. Despite the hustle and bustle, there is always time to relax in the shade of the olive trees.

Average temperatures

June: 18-28°C
July: 20-31°C
August: 19-30°C

Unique summer activities in Provence

In Gordes on a deliciously warm summer evening you can enjoy an outdoor cinema experience. With the village’s ancient stone buildings as a backdrop, film enthusiasts can watch classic and contemporary films under the stars. It’s truly magical.

Popular summer activities

In summer, locals and visitors in Provence have a huge array of activities to choose from. From taking a dip in the turquoise waters of the Gorges du Verdon, Europe’s largest canyon to attending the internationally renowned Avignon Festival, which features theatre, dance, and music performances. A real highlight is exploring the bustling summer markets, where visitors can indulge in local delicacies such as tapenade, ratatouille, and of course, savour a glass of Provencal rosé.

sun loungers and pool

Autumn in Provence

In Provence autumn can often look like spring. After the summer heat, nature is turning green and new colours are coming into the landscape. Walks in the forest call out and the seasonal produce is tinged with warmer flavours. The freshness is slow to set in and it’s time to take advantage of the Indian summer. This is the ideal time to discover a more secretive Provence.

Average temperatures

September: 16-26°C
October: 12-20°C
November: 7-14°C

Unique autumnal activities in Provence

In Autumn, the olive harvest experience in Les Alpilles is a really interesting experience. Autumn is harvest season in Provence, and participating in an olive harvest in Les Alpilles offers a unique glimpse into traditional agricultural practices. Visitors can join local farmers in picking olives, learning about the pressing process, and tasting the fresh, aromatic olive oil.

Popular autumnal activities

In autumn, both locals and visitors in Provence enjoy a range of activities. Strolling through the vineyards during the grape harvest, known as “les vendanges,” and participating in wine tastings at local wineries is a favourite. Hiking in the Luberon or the Calanques always offers rugged views but these views become even more unique when the leaves start to change. Additionally, visiting the charming villages of Roussillon and Gordes becomes a more intimate experience as the summer crowds thin out, allowing for a peaceful exploration of these picturesque locales.

autumn provence

Winter in Provence

Even in winter, Provence enjoys plenty of sunny days, although we must note the wind can be icy. The clear light enhances the landscapes and the cooler weather gives everything a crisp edge. There are numerous winter festivals, with Christmas in Provence having a special charm. The truffle, a highlight of the winter season, can be found in markets across Provence. In this season you will find restaurants featuring truffle-based dishes, and wine-growers offering tastings.

Average temperatures

December: 3-10°C
January: 2-9°C
February: 3-11°C

Unique winter activities in Provence

Winter in Provence is synonymous with festive cheer, and the Christmas markets in Avignon are a highlight of the season. These markets, set against the backdrop of the historic Palais des Papes, showcase an array of artisanal gifts, local foods, and traditional decorations. Visitors can enjoy mulled wine, Provençal nativity scenes and just generally cheerful, kind, good energy from locals and visitors alike.

Popular winter activities

In winter, popular activities in provence include visits to the truffle markets in Richerenches, sampling dishes made with this prized ingredient in local restaurants. Exploring the Camargue is another favourite, as winter is the best time to spot flamingos and other wildlife in their natural habitat. If you are a citrus fruit fan, you will enjoy the abundance of seasonal citrus fruits like clementines and oranges available, which are often featured in winter desserts.

hiking trail provence

Provence: a year-round destination

From the vibrant blossoms of spring to the festive markets of winter, Provence offers something unique and enchanting in every season. Whether you are truffle hunting in The Luberon, enjoying an outdoor cinema in Gordes, participating in an olive harvest in Les Alpilles, or strolling through Avignon’s Christmas markets, there is always a new experience waiting. The mild climate, rich cultural heritage, and picturesque landscapes make Provence a perfect destination for a luxurious holiday or a family vacation, no matter the time of year. Come and discover the timeless beauty and charm of Provence, where each season brings its own magic to this beloved region. We may just have the property for you.

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