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Gargas, Luberon

Located in the heart of the sublime National Natural park of the Luberon in the Vaucluse, Gargas is known for the Ochres as it is set on the ochre range. Gargas is actually made up of around thirty small hamlets.

What makes this Village special

Once a fortified hilltop village, during the Wars of Religion, the ramparts and the fort were destroyed and the habitants regrouped in the hamlets on the plain below. Although, some vestiges of the castle tower and the 13th century chapel still remain, the town centre is mostly utilitarian, with all necessary shops and businesses, a big square, fountains and restaurant terraces. At the foot of the hill, you can admire the very pretty 17th century Saint-Denis Church. The particularity of Gargas lies in its ochre, which is everywhere. The town can pride itself on being the last place that still extracts ochre from the quarries carved out of the hills. Things to visit : The Mines de Bruoux: unique and mysterious, 650 meters of colourful labyrinth galleries that are open to visitors. The Lustrerie Mathieu: Here they make and restore chandeliers (some of the most prestigious ones have been renovated here like Versailles and Palazzo Farnese). You can visit the workshop and the collection of chandeliers going back to the 15th century. There are a few wineries (AOC ventoux and AOC luberon) and jam and candied fruit producers for wine and gastronomy lovers. About 5km from Gargas, is Roussillon, classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France with its Ochre conservatory.

The market of Gargas

  • Marché de Gargas : Wednesday 08:00 › 13:00