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Venasque, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

Venasque is a medieval town full of charm, perched on top of a rocky peak, classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France, which dominates the Nesque valley. It has listed historical monuments including the oldest baptistery in the region, a 12th century church, ramparts and several chapels.

What makes this village special?

How pleasant it is to stroll through the steep streets of Venasque and discover a baptistery, built in the 6th century, remodeled in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries and restored in the 19th century . It is a monument remarkable for its play of blind arcades and its capitals. It was once used for baptism by immersion celebrated twice a year by the bishop. It is connected to the Notre-Dame church by a kind of corridor. It is one of the oldest religious buildings in France.

At the top of a steep rock is the Notre-Dame church, in Romanesque style, which has a famous painting from the Avignon school, "the Crucifixion" (1498), more commonly known as "the painting saved from the Louvre”. Indeed, this masterpiece has known many adventures: considered an old thing, it was taken down under Louis XIV. In 1932, it was sent to the workshops of the Louvre to be restored and exhibited there. It took a petition signed by 700 artists and art lovers for the painting to regain its place in the church of Venasque.

Finally, to the south-east still stand Saracen towers and a wall, erected in the 3rd century by the Romans, to defend against any attack.

From the village esplanade, the view of Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail is breathtaking! Take the opportunity to visit the many artists' workshops: potters, painters, ceramists, jewellers, etc.

If you come in May, don't leave without having tasted the famous Vaucluse cherry, that of the Monts de Venasque, the first top-of-the-range cherry created in France in 1978. 20,000 tonnes are harvested each year! A delight! If you come in June, the Cherry Festival invites you to taste this red diamond on the village esplanade while admiring Mont Ventoux. Atmosphere guaranteed!

For the youngest, the Enchanted Forest is a beautiful place to discover. This outdoor leisure park offers a giant maze, mini tree climbing, games and an educational trail for a day of relaxation!

Distinctions and labels of the village:

The Most Beautiful Villages of France is a French association created in 1982 in order to promote the tourist arguments of small rural communes rich in a quality heritage . Today, the association has 164 villages spread over 14 regions and 70 departments.


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