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Velleron, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

18 kilometers from Avignon, Velleron is a typical village that will make you love Provence. Renowned for its market, the town has an interesting historical heritage that it would be a shame to ignore. It's good to live here, so stopping here during the holidays means taking time to recharge your batteries while enjoying the best local products!

What makes this village special?

It's an indisputable fact: people come to Velleron for its superb agricultural market! Famous throughout the region, recognized by the National Culinary Arts Council and ranked among the 100 exceptional markets in France, it attracts more than 150,000 visitors a year. The prices are low, the fruits and vegetables, picked the same day of exceptional quality and the local products of an infinite variety! This market is also distinguished by its schedules: it is one of the few to start at the end of the afternoon. In season, it takes place every day, except Sundays and public holidays. So, as soon as the sun begins to decline, to your baskets!

But this small town is also rich in its past. A walk in its heart is essential. Velleron was built at the foot of a first castle, erected in the 12th century at the top of the hill surrounded by a large agricultural plain. The Château de Crillon, which now houses the town hall of the village, was built on the ruins of the first. The building that deserves all our attention is the Saint-Michel church, with its seven chapels, built at different times, and its polygonal bell tower, its vaulted nave which dates from the 12th century, its facade and its porch from the XVII th .

The most athletic will take advantage of the countryside for hiking, on foot or by bike. But those who like exotic experiences will not fail to stop at the Carbet amazonien. This farm, specializing in the breeding of butterflies invites you, from April to November, to admire them in a suitable environment. You will thus be transported to a small tropical paradise filled with exuberant plants and you will know everything about these beetles, from their reproduction to their different stages of development, including the way they feed. Amazement guaranteed!

Remember that the village is very lively in summer, and there are many events! So don't miss Velleron!


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