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Saint-Didier - 64
Saint Didier Village
Saint-Didier - 1943

Saint-Didier, Mont Ventoux

Located between Pernes les Fontaines and Venasque, this is a charming little village set in the beautiful surrounding countryside of the Vaucluse hills. It is composed of one main street with a few cafés and convenience stores. You can’t miss the gateway with the high clock-tower. This used to be the entrance to the Château de Thezan, built in the 15th century.

What makes this Village special

The château was then turned into a hydrotherapy centre and today it is supposed to be turned into a private clinic. Unfortunately, it is not open to visitors but you can get a good view from the outside. There are some lovely walks that depart from St Didier and there is also a beautiful convent, again not open to visitors.


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