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Malaucène - 1310
Malaucène - 1311

Malaucène, Mont Ventoux

Dating back to the 10th Century. The picturesque village of Malaucene and the beautiful surrounding countryside are the main draw for visitors. The traditional weekly food market, and the excellent wineries on the outskirts of the village are not to be missed.

What makes this Village special

A walk around the centre of the village is a great place to start your holiday, with buildings of Gallic, Roman and Medieval influences all waiting to be discovered. These include ancient fountains, wash houses and regular buildings – some of which remain as private residences that are available as holiday rentals, others of which are now home to cafes, bars and restaurants. Arguably the most important building in the village is the 1309 Church of St. Michel and St. Pierre, which blends Romanesque and Gothic styles and is open for public viewing all year round. The Vaucluse is renowned for its excellent countryside, and Malaucène is the starting point for several walking and hiking trails that lead to the Mont Vernoux. The best of these leads up to the top of Calvere, and rewards those who make the effort with excellent views of the village and surrounding area. A number of other leisure options can also be enjoyed out in the countryside, including horse riding, climbing, fishing and paragliding. The Wednesday morning market is a particularly popular local event, and the number one place to pick up locally produced food and wine. Meats, cheeses, olives and salami are regarded as the local specialities, and can be picked up at bargain prices. Many stalls also sell non-edible items, such as clothes, artwork and pottery, allowing you to pick up some authentic locally-produced gifts to take back home with you. Some of the excellent wine-producing areas of the Cote du Rhone region are within a short distance of Malaucene, including Gigondas (22km) and Rasteau (21km), and make for excellent day trips where you can tour the vineyards and taste their produce to your heart’s content. Just 10km from Malaucene is the beautiful town of Vaison-la-Romaine, which is home to some fantastic Roman ruins and is a must-see for anyone visiting the region.

The market of Malaucène

  • Marché de Malaucène : Wednesday 08:00 › 13:00