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Bédoin, Mont Ventoux

At the foot of the famous Mont Ventoux, in the Vaucluse, the small town of Bédoin majestically dominates the surroundings. St. Peter's Church, which overlooks its town center, is visible for miles around. Bédoin is also considered an important meeting point for cyclists in Provence.

What makes this village special?

Its status as a papal territory, which allowed it to remain autonomous for centuries, also gave its architecture a little air of Italy and its inhabitants the pride of belonging to this beautiful region; pride that they are always ready to share with their passing guests. Gastronomy lovers will enjoy strolling among the colorful stalls of the Provençal market on Monday mornings, and can visit the vineyards that produce the famous Côtes-du-Ventoux AOC. The orchards which extend over several hectares in the nearby hills offer fruits such as cherries, apricots, plums, figs and of course olives. Visitors come from all over the world to climb the "Giant of Provence" or cycle through it. Mont Ventoux is one of the symbols of Provence, with its clearly identifiable and famous radio station that can be seen for hundreds of kilometers around. It is classified as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO and offers hiking or cycling that will satisfy even the most demanding. Bédoin is also a city of art. It houses many workshops of artists and craftsmen. During your stay, don't miss: The Saint-Pierre-de-Bédoin church, which was partially destroyed during the Revolution, and which dominates the town; a picnic at sunset on Mont Ventoux, which will delight the whole family.


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