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Truffles in Carpentras

Mont Ventoux > Carpentras

The Carpentras truffle market is one of the most important markets. You will find sellers of truffles in a unique atmosphere.

A must-see event for truffle lovers in Provence, the truffle market in Carpentras has two faces. The winter one and the summer one.

The winter truffle market, which runs from mid-November to the end of March, has an authentic character and on the verge of mystery. The magic perfume of the truffle surrounds the stalls of black diamond sellers who exchange in absolute discretion the most beautiful harvests to buyers from all over France looking for the rare pearl.

The summer truffle market, which runs from mid-May to the end of August, is not as important as the winter truffle market but is experiencing a growing plebiscite with local and tourist customers. Increasingly honored by restaurateurs, the summer truffle has exceptional taste and olfactory qualities.