Opening of the truffle season - 0


See a big parade in the city of the Black Truffle and a multitude of activities around the truffle in the Drôme des Collines on the occasion of the opening of the truffle season.

The opening of the truffle season in Saint-Donat-sur-l'Herbasse around the collegiate church takes place in the Drôme des Collines and starts with a small parade from 10am in the hall of sports.

At 10.45am it is time for the mass trufficultures. Then go to the bar where you can enjoy a truffle dish around 12.30.

At 2.45pm you will have the opportunity to attend a demonstration of digging.

Finally, the day will end with a presentation of the school drawing contest at 3.30pm.

A day under the sign of conviviality ...