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The perfect place to learn everything about "Black Gold" and share knowledge with truffle professionals.

In the superb Commandery of the Knights Templar, this museum presents the essence of the life of Richerenches, a village of winemakers and truffles located in the upper Vaucluse in the Enclave of the Popes.

The harvest is over and the grapes are pressed when the truffles are harvested. These truffles are referred to here as "rabasse". A collection of tools and objects tell you of the culture of the vineyard, the wine and the truflfe harvest. Photographs, films and points of view take you into the mysterious world of truffles and reveal its secrets.

You will also be invited to a table to discover the gastronomy of truffles and wine, accompanied by great chefs and their recipes.

From November to March, Richerenches hosts the largest professional and local truffle market.