Cookery Classes in Cadenet

The Luberon > Cadenet

Come and discover the culinary world and the philosophy of "Free Cuisine": tolerance, pleasure, sharing and commitment.

Cooking as a Queen or a King: with Reine Sammut. The cooking class followed by a lunch with a starred chef is great! (masterclass with themes: around foie gras, truffles, citrus fruits, pumpkins, olive oils ...)

Bread for all! All for bread! Everything you know about free bread: to know everything about the different uses of flour and to bake bread 

Pasta & Pesto: It smells like summer... Nadia Sammut shows you how to make your own pasta and a good pesto 

Working of nuts, cajou, hazelnuts: followed by a discussion around tea and tasting dishes.

L'atelier du petit chef: workshop for intolerant children, allergic food or not. You can also enjoy the swimming pool, the library and the grocery store.

And many other courses and workshops according to the products of seasons