Maison de la Truffe et du Vin du Luberon - 1

Proef het in Ménerbes

Luberon > Ménerbes

A unique place with a breathtaking view of the Luberon where you can enjoy many truffle specialties accompanied by the best local wines.

The black truffle of Provence (Tuber Melanosporum), also called "Périgord truffle", is however 80% produced in Provence and is known as the best French truffle. It is also called "the black diamond" or "Rabasse" in Provençal.

It is harvested in a traditional way thanks to their truffle dogs from December to March in the hills of the Luberon Park.
Black color inside and out, it must be firm and give off a sweet fragrance very characteristic and incomparable. His flesh spotted with white.
Its shape is more or less round, and its weight can vary from a few grams (a truffle the size of a ball weighs about 15 grams) to the most exceptional approach the kilo. They are sorted individually, to be then brushed and dried before being put on sale.

You can find their truffles for sale in their store during all seasons.

The truffles can also be sent everywhere in France after confinement of the product for a better protection of its aroma.