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Caromb, Mont Ventoux

At the foot of the Mount Ventoux Caromb is a quiet and charming village. Steeped in tradition and is the ideal place for those who would like a holiday away from the masses. A Caromb holiday offers visitors the chance to relax in stunning surroundings with a several activities available for the more energetic in the group. A Caromb holiday rental provides all of the comforts that you would expect of a hotel with the added bonus of some stunning scenery.

Wat maakt deze plaats zo speciaal

Visitors on a Caromb holiday can enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, hiking, swimming, horse riding, tennis and many more. The village is also a perfect destination for nature and art lovers as there is some great wildlife to spot and plenty of wonderful subjects for photography or painting. Visitors on a Caromb holiday also cannot fail to see the largest and most impressive Romanesque church in the Ventoux area in the village. If you can bear to leave your fantastic Caromb holiday rental home then there are many great towns and villages in the area just waiting to be explored. This includes the town of Carpentras which is approximately 15 minutes away. As well as being renowned for its excellent truffle market, Carpentras has many great sights including the Palais de Justice, a 17th century palace which was built in a Baroque style.

De markt van Caromb

  • Marché de Caromb : Dinsdag 08:00 › 13:00