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Carcès, Provence Verte

About twenty kilometers from Brignoles, in the heart of green Provence, this medieval village, built on a hill, has an interesting architectural, historical and natural heritage. A green site where water is everywhere! Nature and fishing lovers will find something to recharge their batteries there!

What makes this village special?

The old village of Carcès winds in a spiral around the castle of the Counts of Provence. The walk through the alleys allows you to admire the many houses with glazed tile facades, the Clock Tower and its bell, from the 18th century, the Sainte-Marguerite church, the Quatre-Saisons fountain, the open-air theater and Place de la Capelette with its pretty fountain.

The village also has several giant trompe-l'oeil frescoes, most of which are testimonies of life in the past. Don't miss the Provençal market, which takes place every Saturday morning, and the summer night market on Thursdays. Carcès also has a magnificent natural heritage. The 4 rivers that cross the village, the Argens, the Issole, the Caramy and the Bresque, make it a mecca for freshwater fishing.

Nearby is Lake Carcès, a 100 hectare body of water and 8 kilometers of shoreline, a paradise for fishermen! Walkers will appreciate the hike to Lac de Carcès and the Caramy waterfalls. The others will visit the old-fashioned oil mill, as well as the cooperative cellar.


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