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It is in November that "officially" begins the truffle season. These are born in the spring but only grow in the summer thanks to the heat. From one year to another, we harvest only 10 to 30 tons which makes them quite rare and that is what justifies its price .... from 100 to 1000 euros per kilo! There are about 32 varieties of truffles but only four of them have a gastronomic value:

The black truffle of Périgord / tuber melanosporum

It is the most sought-after truffle for gourmets and truffle growers because its culinary value is second to none. She is very fragrant and her flesh is deep black. It usually reaches its best maturity in January. South-West France is the first production area for black truffles. It is in Carpentras and Richerenches that the two most important truffle markets are held. The price per kilo can go up to 450 euros depending on the weeks and years.

The truffle of summer / truffle of St Jean

It is much less perfumed than black truffle and its flesh remains white until maturity, which is why it is also called white truffle. It is much cheaper than black truffle and it is nonetheless a significant edible. It is used a lot to make truffled butter or ice cream.

The white truffle of Piedmont

Alba is the capital of the white truffle where every year is held the international truffle fair (Fiera del Tartufo). The so-called "white gold" is one of the most famous truffles in the world. Its flesh is clear and very fragrant. Its price can reach up to 10 times that of the black truffle depending on the year because its harvest is rare. It has the particularity to have aromas of incomparable lightness, it is besides the most perfumed of all the truffles: a few grams are enough to perfume a dish.

Burgundy truffle

First truffle to have been consumed at the table of kings of France. It has hazelnut aromas that are both powerful and delicate.